Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Many women wish to enlarge their breasts’ size. Breast augmentation surgery is costly and in spite of technological advances – such as transumbilical breast augmentation, a technique used to insert saline breast implants through an incision near belly button to avoid scarring near breasts – has many risks. In most cases, breast augmentation is still performed under general anesthesia. The recovery process after the surgery is painful and lengthy: the patient is usually able to return to work in one to two weeks, but a full recovery requires at least a month.

Considering the demand for breast enlargement if there was a safer and less invasive option many more women would have their bust lines enlarged: how much does breast augmentation cost in colombia

The newly introduced, natural breast augmentation is such a method: it is safe, minimally invasive and it actually costs less. It is becoming popular under several names: natural breast augmentation and/or stem cell breast augmentation. (Don’t worry about the stem cell controversy: the procedure uses the patient’s own stem cells!) The bottom line: it is the first, safe breast enlargement procedure. Why is it safe? The main challenge of breast augmentation has always been the choice of implants.

Silicone implants which provide the more natural effect have been investigated for a number of years for their long term impact on women’s health. (The most recent concern links them to lymphatic cancer.) Saline implants are safer and yet, fewer patients feel comfortable with them. Both types of currently used implants introduce foreign substances into the woman’s body. The natural breast enlargement doesn’t: it uses the woman’s own fatty tissue (from a different area of her body) to augment her breasts.

It is – of course – a simplified explanation of a process which is much more involved. In reality natural breast augmentation relies on the stem cell technology. The fat is being liposuctioned from one area; the stem cells are then separated from the fat’s tissue, concentrated and then injected back into the fat which is then ready to be introduced into the patient’s breasts. Because the implanted material is the patient’s own there is no risk of rejection, adverse reaction, or allergy which can occur when the implants are made of a foreign substance.

The technology behind the process is complex. As far as the patient is concerned however the procedure is gentle and minimally invasive. With the new refined methods available, the doctor uses a miniature cannula (a metal, tubular instrument with a diameter as tiny as the tip of a pen!) to prevent scarring. The procedure doesn’t involve general anesthesia, a scalpel, or stitches and is performed at the doctor’s office.

In some cases, it may be possible to have the fat harvested (liposuctioned) and grafted (re-injected) in one procedure performed under a local anesthesia, in a doctor’s office. In others, the doctor may advise two separate treatments to make the procedure less taxing for the patient’s body and to speed up healing. Since the procedure is minimally invasive and the trauma to the body is minimal the recovery usually requires up to a week.

To sum it up, natural breast augmentation produces natural and satisfying results without the typical risks of breast enlargement surgery. It doesn’t require the implantation of foreign materials into the patient’s body, relying instead on autotransplantation (transplanting the patient’s own tissue). The procedure itself is minimally invasive and scalpel-free. Stem cell breast augmentation is a natural breast enlargement option. It is the first safe and patient-friendly method for increasing breasts’ size.


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